Welsh Love spoons | Personalised & engraved

Welsh love spoons are steeped in tradition and have been gifted as a form of affection for hundreds of years. In fact the oldest known Welsh love spoon dates back to 1667 and can be found at St Fagin’s Welsh museum. The spoons are perfect personalised gifts for an engagement, Valentine’s Day or weddings (wedding favours); but also for many other occasions such as:

  • to express love/friendship/care for someone
  • to wish somebody good luck
  • as a thankyou
  • for a birth
  • for Christmas
  • christenings
  • birthdays
  • anniversaries

Personalised love spoon engravings

We offer engraving services for most of our range. Using our CNC machine we can engrave names, initials, dates etc to a high standard and make every spoon totally unique. We provide quality gift boxes too.

Welsh Love spoons meaning

Love spoons come in many shapes and sizes and can be crafted in many different materials from pewter to wood. They also often include symbols in the form of carved objects such as bells, horseshoes, dragons etc. A more expansive list of symbols can be seen below.

Read our ultimate guide to Welsh love spoons to learn more about their history, meanings, wedding traditions and even instruction on how to carve your own spoon.

Other love spoon gifts

We also sell other love spoons gifts such as: