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Welsh Cakes History: A Sweet and Tasty Bite of Wales

Have you ever had a Welsh cake before? If not, you’ll soon see you’ve been missing out. This traditional treat of Wales, often called bakestones, has been beloved since the late 19th century when sugar, fat, and other sweet ingredients were added to this griddle-cooked cake.

Served both hot and cold, these cakes are a bit like a scone, pancake, and cookie rolled into one, all the while being incredibly unique in both taste and texture. They feature similar ingredients of scones while being cooked in the same manner as a pancake on a griddle.

Welsh cakes are regarded as treat reserved for special occasions, for they take time to craft. Made by hand, there aren’t very many commercial bakeries that produce them.

Hungry for more? Keep reading to discover more about Welsh cakes!

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Famous rugby players

11 Famous Welsh rugby players

Wales has produced many world class players during it’s history, particularly, during the golden era of the 1970s. Furthermore, in recent decades under the tutelage of southern hemisphere coaches, Wales has again flourished as a rugby nation winning the Grand Slam in 2005, 2008, 2012 and 2019. Below is listed eleven of the most famous Welsh rugby players.

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Welsh lady in traditional costume

Welsh costume ideas

When someone says, “Welsh costume” or “Welsh National costume,” an image may pop into your head – a woman in a flannel petticoat under a flannel bedgown, apron, shawl, handkerchief, and hat. The style and image was popularized by a woman named Augusta Hall, known as Lady Llanover, who so loved Welsh language and culture that she wanted to preserve it. Keep reading for more information on Welsh costume ideas based on her original vision.

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Melin Tregwynt woollen mill in Wales

From Melin Tregwynt to Melin Teifi: The Ultimate Guide to Visiting Today’s Working Welsh Woollen Mills

Traditional Welsh mills are a symbol of what was once the country’s most important industry. Due to their quality, Welsh woollen products have always had significant demand throughout the centuries. Keep reading for the top 7 Welsh mills currently in operation.

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Welsh blankets, Welsh woollen mills, Welsh tapestry blankets

So, What’s All the Fuss About Welsh Blankets?

Once you’ve seen the incredible craft of Welsh blankets, you’ll never forget it. You’ll be “oohing” and “aahing” at the reversible blankets that are used as wedding presents and handed down through generations. Especially given the recent trend of purchasing products from local vendors with stories behind them, Welsh blankets have experienced a revival internationally, even as far and wide as Japan. The history and heritage that accompany them can’t be beat. Keep reading to learn what all the fuss is about Welsh blankets and why they’re the perfect gift for your family!

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Ten contemporary Welsh slate gifts ideas for the home and garden

If you are looking for a Welsh present to give to a relative or friend then why not consider a Welsh slate gift?  The reductive quality of slate blends in perfectly with modernist interior design, so it is highly likely to complement your loved ones home decor. Slate also has deep ties to the traditional Welsh homestead with it being the most commonly used material in roofing – not to mention the great many slate quarries that are scattered throughout the Welsh landscape.

For the environmentally aware slate is a completely natural material and is easily broken down and recycled. Other benefits include


  • It is durable
  • Long lived
  • Fire resistant
  • Waterproof
So with these positives in mind we have selected ten great Welsh slate gifts ideas to wet your appetite.

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Welsh love spoons engraved

It has become very popular to have Welsh love spoons engraved. People have taken them to heart and love to give them as gifts to celebrate weddings, a renewing of vows, births, baptisms, graduations, birthdays, engagements, anniversaries and other such important life events. Traditionally love spoons in Wales hearken back to the 17th century, but there are few examples of early spoons that have been engraved. The reason for this rarity is unknown, but one explanation may be the lack of literacy amongst the rural poor in Wales.

Techniques for having Welsh love spoons engraved

There are an array of different methods that are utilized to have Welsh love spoons engraved. The most conventional type of engraving would be by means of a hand tool, for example, a chisel or a blade. Three extra techniques are pyro-engraving, laser engraving and CNC engraving. Each sort of engraving is briefly discussed underneath.

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12 truly stylish Welsh gifts for her

After scouring the internet we have come up with 12 truly stylish Welsh gifts for her. We think we have found some super Welsh presents with a touch of that crucial va va voom that she is bound to love. With gifts featuring colourful postmodernist designs that are sure to fit in with today’s contemporary style, the presents in our list will be hard to resist.

Massage oil for mums. Welsh gifts for her


1. Welsh massage oil

What about this natural Welsh massage oil with guaranteed massages from the husband or boyfriend? This product has been handmade in Wales and contains essential oils known for their soothing and replenishing qualities. It contains vitamin E which has many benefits for the skin. Furthermore, it comes with the guarantee that it has in no way been tested on animals.


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11 awesome funny Welsh gifts to buy

If you are looking for inspiration for funny Welsh gifts, we at Gifts with heart have compiled a list of eleven helpful hints. From comical t-shirts, humorous Welsh plaques to much more there is something for everyone and these  hilarious presents are ideal for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. So if you can’t find that perfect present for a person that is a bit of a joker then we hope our list will spark the fire.

 funny welsh gifts pink ceramic sheep

1. Pink sheep ceramic

Heads wool roll when you give somebody this sweet pink ceramic sheep. People will be flocking to find out where you bought it and at only £9.99 it’s sheep at twice the price.

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12 Fabulous Welsh gifts for him for under £60 for 2018

If you are searching for some Welsh gifts for him then this rundown of 12 presents might just hit the nail on the head. From Welsh rugby gifts to an evening photography tour of Cardiff there is a wide breadth of ideas to choose from with the added bonus of no gift exceeding the £60 mark. In addition if you have any further suggestions then please feel free to comment at the bottom of this blog post. We at Gifts with Heart will be intrigued to know your recommendations.

welsh wallet with pewter dragon. Welsh gifts for him.

1. Welsh leather wallet

What about a classy tan leather wallet with a pewter Welsh dragon on the front? With all the necessary slots and a coin section it’s a great gift for a close one that is proud of their roots. They also offer the wallet in black and/or with a pewter three feathers instead of a dragon. He’ll never leave his change lying around the house again!

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