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8 of the Best Welsh Handmade Gifts

Shopping for gifts for someone that seemingly has everything? When you have a friend or family member that is notoriously difficult to shop for, nothing seems to fit. Then again, at Gifts With Heart, we specialize in affordable and unique gifts that are bound to bring joy even to those that are impossible to please.

Our Welsh gifts are all handmade in Wales and can help you think outside the box for the next birthday, holiday, or any day you feel like showering a loved one with something special. Take a look below at 8 of the best Welsh handmade gifts to give on your next gift-giving occasion!

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Welsh castles facts Conwy castle

10 extraordinary Welsh castles facts

As Welsh castles are such an important feature on the Welsh landscape, we at Welsh gifts with heart have compiled a list of ten Welsh castles facts that we believe are both interesting and enlightening.

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Welsh pottery

Welsh Pottery: The Ultimate Guide

For thousands of years, pottery and ceramics have been a part of human civilization. Relics of this nature from the past offer us a glimpse into what life was like for our ancestors. Today’s pottery will no doubt do the same for those that come after us.

Welsh pottery found its success in 1764, influenced by renowned Josiah Wedgwood. From there, this stunning form expanded from pottery to porcelain, making it a most coveted gift from Wales. The pottery from Wales became such a delicate collectible, one that is still very much sought after.

Speaking of gifts, Gifts with Heart sells Welsh pottery, a perfect surprise for your loved ones to treasure or perhaps something to keep all to yourself. We invite you to browse our selection of charming offerings that include Welsh pottery among other things, but first, we’d love to tell you more about the humble history of Welsh pottery.

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Welsh slate quarries

Welsh slate quarries

As a Welsh gifts seller that offers a range of slate products, we decided to embark upon a quest to learn more about Welsh slate quarries and their history. Initially slate was extracted for roofing tiles and for marking graves. Wales was a very important exporter of slate to locations all across the globe. Welsh slate has become less sought after though due to cost primarily. Nevertheless, some quarries still operate on a small scale and slate products can be found in households across Wales in the kitchen, garden and as home decoration. Not to mention the slate that has been skilfully used in building construction, such as the Millenium centre and the National Assembly building in Cardiff to accentuate Welsh identity.

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What is Welsh Gold and Why You Should Own Some

Do you love wearing jewellery or know someone that does? Gold jewellery is always such a special gift to give, and even better to receive. There are many types of gold out there but surely, one of the most special among them is that of Welsh gold.

There are many things that make this type of gold unique. To find out more, Welsh gold has a robust history that goes back quite some time.

The History of Welsh Gold

Welsh gold is special because it is found naturally occurring in two areas of Wales, making it very scarce. One of the areas it’s in is North Wales. The band spans from Barmouth upward toward Snowdonia. The largest mines were the Gwynfynydd Gold Mine, which is close to Ganllwyd, as well as the Clogau Gold Mine, close to Bontddu. The other area it’s found in is in South Wales near the valley of the River Cothi at Dolaucothi. It was once mined by the Romans in this location.

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prince of Wales three feathers symbol of Wales

What is the National Symbol of Wales?

The rich and varied history of Wales has left a long list of national symbols in its wake, with each representing the country’s values and ideals during the different periods of their arrival. As far as national symbols go, Wales has managed to acquire an eclectic collection over the centuries.

The national symbols of Wales have ranged from mighty creatures of legend, such as the red dragon, to slightly more mundane vegetables such as the leek. But what is the current national symbol of Wales, and how did it come to be recognized as such?

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green man wall plaque

Welsh Celtic Symbols and what they represent

During ancient times, the Celts (for more information on who the Welsh Celts were we have covered this in another blog) had special symbols they used to represent their culture and identity. These symbols were revered from those days forward and are still prevalent in Wales today. They also make for great gifts in the form of Welsh jewellery and love spoons to remind you of your travels to Wales, or to bring back as a souvenir to friends and loved ones.

Celtic symbolism was so ingrained in the belief system, it helps to know what each Welsh Celtic symbol represents. The following is a guide to the most popular Welsh Celtic symbols you’ll find.

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Celtic hut in Wales

Who are the Welsh descended from?

The Welsh descended from the Celtic tribes of Europe. It has been posited that the Beaker Folk came to Wales from central Europe in around 2000BC. They brought with them rudimentary knives and axes made from metals. Though today there are theories that rather than coming from the East, the Celts came from the West, with trade routes all along the Atlantic seaboard.

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Welsh lamb - famous Welsh food

Famous Welsh Food You’ve Been Missing Out On

When you think of cuisines of the world, Welsh cuisine probably isn’t on your list. But that’s something you should seek to rectify immediately, for famous Welsh food is an impeccable history lesson that you can taste.

Famous Welsh food did garner some culinary practices from the neighbouring English, however, the Welsh lived and worked in isolation, producing their foods from limited ingredients that they could produce. Raising sheep became a major practice in Wales as did cattle, and thus, some of the most famous Welsh food centres around it. However, it’s not all meat. In fact, there are some vegetarian delights, as well as ingredients from the sea, thanks to a strong fishing culture too. that are bound to bring you back again and again to try famous Welsh food.

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famous welsh poets

Seven Famous Welsh poets

R S Thomas

The first of our famous Welsh poets is R S Thomas who was born in Cardiff in 1913 and brought up on Anglesey. He studied Latin at the University of Bangor. He became a priest of the Anglican Church in 1936. He married an art teacher Elsi Eldridge and they had a son together by the name of Gwydion. In 1946 he published his first book of poems and went on to publish a further twenty books during his lifetime. He won the Queen’s Gold medal for Poetry in 1964 and was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1996. His autobiography called Neb (‘no one’ and ‘anyone’) was published in Welsh in 1985.
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